PHMO Updates

July 2017 

Download the 2018 PHMO Applicant Manual
for applicants applying to AMCAS, AADSAS, AACOMAS, TMDSAS, OptomCAS, and AACPMAS 

CWRT Requests
  •  The Emory Continued Writing courses should fulfill the English prerequisite requirement for most health professional programs.* Some programs may request verification that these interdisciplinary courses fulfill Emory's writing requirement. If a school you apply to requests further information about the Continued Writing courses, please complete this form: CWRT Letter Request. The PHMO will provide the  school with a detailed explanation of the CWRT courses.

*Check with individual schools to confirm. To fulfill the English requirement, CWRT courses need to be in the English language (for example, a Spanish CWRT course will not count).

PreHealth Database Requests
  • If you are applying to a health professional program and you have recommendations letters in your Credentials File, please see the Career Center website for instructions on making a request on the PreHealth Database to have your letters sent to your Centralized Application Service. On the left sidebar, you will find instructions for submitting individual letters, letter packets, and Composite Letters, as well as instructions for each CAS:  

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